I’m 21!…days from the “real world”

In exactly 21 very short days (yes, that’s 3 weeks), I’ll be headed for my new home at 70 miles an hour.

THAT IS SCARY.  I swear I just graduated 8th grade, like, an hour ago.  Two hours tops.

Nonetheless, I have a student ID card in my wallet and and about a thousand new towels ready to go to college with me!

Not only will I soon be plunging into a new social group, new location, and a much harder curriculum, but I’ll be forced to take it like an adult, as many have before me.  For the first time, I won’t have mom and dad within yelling distance of me and I won’t be suppressed by their iron hands of discipline-which I’m sure were only out to destroy my social life and not to keep me safe (kidding).  I hope my mom is prepared for some anxiety-ridden FaceTime calls, because it’s inevitable.  Just saying.

Already, though, my life and its focus are in the midst of a complete 180.  I’ve discussed Federal Student Aid and the status of my scholarship package more times in the past week than I can shake a stick at, whatever that means.  More importantly, the thought of decorating my room oft raises my anxiety to unsafe levels.  I mean, how am I supposed to pick the perfect enhancements to my painted cement walls out of the thousands offered up by Pinterest?! It’s ludicrous, I tell you!  Not to mention the plethora of irresistible paisley binders and notebooks matched by fluorescent pens and pencils.  And what about the binder covers? HOW WILL I SURVIVE WITHOUT BINDER COVERS?! (I would recommend these printable templates by Happily Hope, though) 🙂

I’m sure I will show up to move-in day with my share of cute little notebooks and brand spanking new pens, feeling overwhelmed, excited, and relatively (no, completely) unprepared for the upcoming year. Typical college freshman.  However, I hope I’ll be able to provide myself and the world wide web with incredible, unbelievable bouts of insight along the way.  I look forward to learning many lessons-probably the hard way-and sharing my experiences with you!

And, so…it begins.


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